The Yoga 

My teaching of yoga genuinely reflects my love of life. I believe my students should always enjoy their practice. It is a time to smile and share vibrations of laughter as well as silent peaceful communication with oneself. 

My outlooky and life experience creates empathy with each student and gives integrity to the session. A thorough warm-up enables students to achieve asanas previously thought of as unattainable. 

I teach guided meditation using images and breathing techniques to liberate and soothe the mind. 

In each class I draw upon the benefits of many yogic styles, teaching a primarily Vinyasa based flow with accents of Astanga, Iyengar and Sivananda.

Each practice is unique in combining asanas, pranayama and meditation, tapping into varying and particular needs of my students. 

...Yoga works because it plays the music of the rhythm of your heart, the symphony of your soul...

Om Shanti.