Doing yoga with Yasmin and David is like being cocooned in a warm joyous blanket. Yasmin and David make everyone feel so welcome so when I decided to take up yoga again after a long break it felt like I had never been away. Everyone no matter how experienced or inexperienced receive encouragement to take the session at their own pace. We are always reminded that we are all on our own yoga journey so I never feel the pressure to be perfect. I have learnt a lot about myself at a time when my confidence was low Yasmin and David’s mantras made me see life in very different ways. I can honestly say that I can arrive feeling stress and deflated but always leave feeling happy and confident.

I never enjoyed cardio group exercise and still do not know why I ever decided to give the dance class a go but from day one I was hooked. I would encourage everyone to join in too. It doesn’t matter that I can’t always follow the routine because we all have such a laugh trying. It’s the best way to finish the week and brings me so much joy.

Yoga with Yasmin has a real family feel with something for everyone.



I'm officially addicted to yoga! I just ask myself why it took me so long to join! You both make me feel at ease in class and everyone is so friendly. I can honestly say my health and well-being has also improved too. I feel it is a genuine time for reflection which helps me to 'strengthen' and restore my mind and body through practice to help tackle the tensions and stresses of everyday life.

Dance class is great fun and I love the choice of tracks, a great way to start the weekend!



As an absolute newcomer to yoga, I was made to feel very welcome to the class. I had originally signed up with the hope of improving my flexibility, but was also introduced to yoga's other benefits of relaxation, improved posture and increasing one's general wellbeing. Everything is explained and explored with patience, and everyone participates wholeheartedly, whatever their level or experience within a very friendly and supportive group.



I have had two hip replacements and Yasmin and David’s Yoga has helped me get back more flexibility in the joints. Every time you go to class the yoga is always different so it never becomes routine.



I just wanted to say thank you for the Thursday evening Yin Yoga classes. They have come at a time when I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and found that just having the hour to take time to focus on me has helped so much. Yasmin & David are so welcoming and made me feel comfortable from the beginning. I would recommend your yoga classes to anybody that needs to take some "me" time.



Yoga allows me to focus on my body and my breathing and erases any anxieties from my mind. I don’t always find it easy, but enjoy the challenges it presents me with. The spiritual side is important to me and Yasmin is always mindful of any personal journeys we are making and tries to support us with her readings and meditations.



I had never done Yoga before I started classes with David in January 2017. I’m not young or supple, and some poses have been challenging, but David is very encouraging, supportive and says ‘yoga is a journey.’ I feel I am only at the beginning of my journey and may never reach the end, but enjoy every moment travelling on that journey with Yasmin and David.



Yoga with Yasmin & David has taught me about keeping positivity, joy, movement and laughter in my life. I cannot thank them enough for their love and support.



Yoga with Yasmin feels like a family – not just exercise classes as they support charities through events. This is a very pleasant and caring group to be a part of.



You can forget everything and just enjoy the class 10/10.



Fantastic interactive classes so creatively delivered! Feels like a warm hug whilst doing Yoga – Can’t recommend it enough!



Yoga with Yasmin is a really good experience – one that gives a true sense of well-being. It is fun, stretching and sometimes demanding but always worth it! They cater for individual needs – for instance looking after my sciatica. Join one of these classes!



I really love going to Yoga with Yasmin and David. It is apparent they not only teach the yoga, but live it and love it! It’s suitable for all levels and even helped me to recover after a knee and back injury. The meditations are a great bonus and a chance to reflect on one’s own life. Overall they present both physical and spiritual exercise and a way of life.