Warm spirit meditation…

Whenever life becomes complicated and self -doubt begins to creep in, take a little while to withdraw from situations or people that are bringing unease or anxiety to your door. Learn to simplify and reconnect with your warm spirit that resides within. Retreat from the world and take some quiet time with this peaceful meditation…

“I am a gentle, warm and loving person,
My energy allows people to relax whenever they are in my presence.
I show compassion and kindness to everyone that I come into contact with.
My caring spirit is contagious.
I bring light into the lives of my family and friends.
I am completely content with the person I am.
I am calm and comfortable with how my life is unfolding.
I do not worry about the things I cannot change or anything that I have no control over.
I am relaxed.
I am peaceful.”
Sat Nam

To experience daytime Yoga in a place of Zen-like tranquillity, please come and join Yoga with Yasmin in the Garden Room at the Community Centre @ Christ Church. 
Monday and Wednesday 10am – 11am £7 per class (Course rates available) Please share or contact me for more details.

“Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field… I’ll meet you there.”