Just for a moment... Let's be still

Just for a moment... Let's be still.

As we welcome in the month of June with the dawning realisation that we are half way through our year already, let us take inspiration from the graceful serenity of the heron.

The heron symbolises stillness and tranquility and how these two things are needed to recognise opportunities. The heron also teaches us that everything comes to us at the right time...

Like an alchemist, he weaves the power of focus with the patience necessary to see the desired results come to pass.

We can all practice these qualities of serenity, focus and finding calm healing waters through our yoga - in our homes, our gardens, our lives and most importantly, in our hearts.

Om Shanti


Taking a Snow Day...

Taking a Snow Day...

With so much to do in our daily lives, it can be difficult to find the time to simply breathe, think and explore our inner landscapes.

Your Snow Day can go a long way towards dispelling built up stress - it's not a day to worry about what you are missing or what is still lingering on your "To Do" list. It is a day to give yourself a break from your responsibilities - it is a day to indulge and nurture yourself.

Everybody deserves a snow day now and then...


Twilight of 2018...

"Twilight drops her curtain down and pins it with a star..."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

As we celebrate New Year's Eve - the twilight of 2018 - lets take a few moments to honour our journey, all that we have achieved and shared during the past twelve months.


Thank you Yogis for sharing your time with us as we reflect on what has been and look to the future for what comes next...



Unlock your potential...

Unlock your full potential... Yoga is for everybody, no matter what size, shape, age or experience level. Yoga with Yasmin has a class for everyone, so why not begin an empowering journey of self discovery and self-love.

Cultivate body awareness & mindfulness whilst getting stronger and more flexible... Yoga with Yasmin launching NEW Back to Basics - Beginners classes commencing January 7th 2019.

Mondays 11am-12pm & 6pm - 7pm Community Centre @ Christ Church

Why not explore the other classes on our timetable? Why not bring a friend?

Contact us to book your place and we'll see you on the Yoga Mat!

Yasmin & David


The Month of Falling Leaves...

The month of November makes us feel that life is passing more quickly… In an effort to slow it down try to fill the last chapter of this year with episodes of loving memories and activities that nourish and restore…

“Yoga is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony.” Debasish Mridha

We look forward to inviting you onto the Yoga mat…


Yasmin & David


A Welcome to Autumn...

A Welcome to Autumn…

The Autumnal Equinox and Today’s Full Moon opens a gateway from the old into the new… From one season to the next… A time to turn a new leaf.

Taking the time to ground ourselves into the moment we look into our ‘heartspace’ and ask:

What matters to us most?

What do we want to leave behind?

What do we want to move towards?

As we wind down from Summer we are called to focus on what matters most… Invite the falling leaves to echo the whisperings of your soul… As we change our thoughts the world around us changes… Embrace change and ground yourself on the Yoga mat… We look forward to welcoming you to class…



Strictly Friday Night...

Friday Night is Strictly… Fun!

Start your weekend with an hour of amazing dance to all your favourite tunes - Get your feet moving, your latino hips shaking and feel the beat of the rhythm of the night…

Channel the spirit of Strictly as you sashay towards the glitterball… No partner required!

Follow with Friday Sunset Yoga presented by Yasmin & David. Inspirational tracks choregraphed to keep the party going as you wind down into the weekend…

Strictly Special Promotion – Come and try Bhakti Shakti-Dance with Yasmin for £8 and get Sunset Yoga for £5 for this Strictly Season.

Bhakti Shakti – Dance with Yasmin

Friday 6-7pm

Sunset Yoga – Presented by Yasmin & David

Friday 7-8pm

Community Centre @ Christ Church Swindon SN1 3HB

Book your place now at www.yogawithyasmin.com yasminfattori@outlook.com djsamuel@outlook.com


Yoga with Yasmin NEW timetable -
Launching 4 New classes in September 2018!

A progressive Yoga flow designed to challenge the body and still the mind.

Monday 3rd September 2018 11am-12pm
Friday 7th September 2018 11am-12pm
Community Centre @ Christ Church

A mat based Body Conditioning Yoga/Pilates Fitness class. Tone the body, strengthen the core and feel good.

Wednesday 5th September 2018 11am-12pm
Thursday 6th September 2018 6pm-7pm
Community Centre @ Christ Church

To book your place and for full Terms & Conditions please contact:

The legacy of Pook/Mending a broken heart...

Hearbreak happens to all of us and can wash over us like a heavy rain.

The seemingly never- ending Winter felt like a physical embodiment of my weary sadness and tear tumbling loss.

When experiencing a broken heart, our soulful selves are saturated with grief and the overflow is channelled into the physical body. My heart was becoming heavy and the initial shock was becoming a tender throbbing ache; the loss transmuted into a physical emptiness of longing and a feeling that cannot be put into words.

It is said that time heals all wounds – and it may dull the pain of a broken heart, but it is fully acknowledging and feeling your pain that will truly help you to heal.

Dealing with your heartache in a healthy way rather than putting it off for tomorrow is the key to repair…so, today I embraced the sunshine, the fresh Spring air, put on my sparkly new trainers and took my heart for a gentle jog round the park (gentle being the operative word!).

I honoured my darling Bella in finding strength through health; I measured my distance in fond memories and renewed vigour rather than miles and minutes. Most of all, I felt the warmth, not only of the sun but most of all, the enduring light of love. I felt alive, humble and very grateful …

Often the pain that wounds us the most deeply also leaves the most enduring mark upon us. A heart that has been broken reveals within it a space to invite more light within.

There is no magic formula, no egg timer for loss, but when we emerge on the other side of the mending, we realise that the universe did not cease to be our friend and we are stronger for all we have experienced… Thank you...

No matter how long the Winter, Spring is sure to follow.

Look to the skies...

This Full moon is a time to celebrate the journey of our lives and honour the people and opportunities that brought us to where we are today. This is a time to be proud of ourselves and shine our light as brightly as the moon.

But take care – the Arabian astrologers call this moon the Dragon. Its purpose is self-improvement through conflict. It is during the worst storms in your life you get to see the true colours of the people who say they care for you. Learn to befriend the Dragon, warm your breath rather than scorch your heart….

The She-Dragon loves moonlight and snowstorms and so many other things that have soul…



Let's Go Fly A Kite...

We begin 2018 with a full moon reminding us of our home within. Our sensitivity is magnified, our receptivity enhanced, our intuition becomes fully available. This full moon brings to light what needs to end or transform in the patterns that keep playing out in our lives. When we are truly ready to change, dealing with the past becomes the key to a transformed future. May we rise to the challenges that will surely unfold over the course of this year with courage, honesty and ...integrity...

Today we begin a new adventure - let's look forward to it with hope and love.... Let's go fly a kite...

Invite Yoga to make you feel inspired and motivated, to become the happiest, healthiest most fabulous version of yourself in 2018.

New timetable starts 2nd January.

For full details please visit: www.yogawithyasmin.com

Om Shanti


This full October Moon brings emotions to the fore and invites us to look deep inside, to honour the truth that is the essence of each of us.

It is a time to focus on our own inners strengths, talents and trust. To be authentic we need to be honest – to feel balanced, peaceful, to simply “be.”

Everyone has a unique gift, a talent that they bring to this life.

There is a belief that each person is like a unique flower on the planet, that blooms in its own time for as long as it is meant to last.

Let’s continue to clear, change, send our roots into the ground, feel safe and secure of who we are, and flower for all to see…



The Autumnal Equinox...

Today sees the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox – A balance of daytime and evening hours. It is also a time to celebrate the festival of Navrati from Thursday September 21st until Friday September 29th. Literally translating as “Nine Nights,” each evening invites the release of something old and negative from our lives, each morning invites something new and positive into our lives. This release can be something physical or emotional. The present moment contains past and future, the secret of transformation is in the way we handle this very moment…

“The best time for new beginnings is now – anytime, any day, any place, for any reason. You can always start over…”