On a day to day basis we all encounter and react to a myriad of challenges, obstacles and even traumas which feel like they demand a marathon effort to endure, overcome and move on from …. a little wiser and tapping into a reserve of energy we probably didn’t even know we possessed.

Tomorrow morning over 50,000 people from all walks of life, all ages and abilities will take their place on the start line for the London Marathon…among them will be my daughter Amy Hopkinson, running the race for the first time, vest number 59102.

 I can only guess at the nervous anticipation and excitement that each participant must be feeling this evening, but I know the sense of pride of every parent, relative, friend and associate for these brave runners. Each will be running for their own reasons, but each will be an amazing testament to the indomitability of the human spirit.  

No matter what the finish time, or even the finish line … the amazing thing is that they started, they tried, they believed… in a world where we sometimes falter on the cobbles of self-doubt, let’s be encouraged by the efforts of those we love and those who are unknown to us but help us over our own personal finish line….

Let’s applaud the heartbeats as well as the miles … on your marks, get set, go!!!

Good luck to one and all… Love you Amy! xxx