The Story of Bella....

11th January 2018

The Story of Bella/aka Belle/aka Pook/aka The Bong….


On a cold slightly snowy Valentine’s Day 2003, Bella the puppy dog came home with us in a blue  shopping basket and changed our lives forever. In a house full of clucky women Bella, registered as Holly Heaven, began to rule the roost…with immediate effect.

She gleefully demanded attention with her squeaky newspaper toy, running along the back of the sofa, dug her baby scissor puppy teeth in to the back of trailing dressing gowns and pinched any available sock to bury in the garden… and oh how we loved her!

Thinking that I ought to try and train this little wild and wonderful pup, we attended two puppy training classes and after being told by the trainer that she was very pretty and she knew it (i.e. a bad a** attitude) we decided it wasn’t for us free spirits; much to the chagrin of the pigeons on Shaw Ridge and the bunnies of Lydiard Park.

Bella then began to train me…many the early morn and late afternoon I could be seen roaming around Lydiard Park, requesting Bella (very politely) to come back to me, a shrill whistle accompanying my plaintive voice. So much so that some dog walkers thought I had an imaginary dog and others suggested I might try a silent whistle…as every other dog would come to my heels except Belle.

Time sauntered on, my two girls left home and Belle became my constant loyal companion. I openly admitted that I loved the fact that she didn’t respond to orders only loving requests. She had a wisdom beyond her doggy years and eventually decided that she needed to choose a Prince Charming who would love her as much as I do.

She decided on David, her friend, who shared a love of Beer, Beef, twiglets, bandanas, rock music and starlit walks. They forged a very special and respectful relationship, Bella even allowing David to sit on the sofa (the end bit, of course!).

Together we wrote the final chapters, not giving in to sadness but taking the spirit and courage of Bella in to short walks and lean cuisine (fingers of beer foam for medicinal purposes!)

Bella passed way just as she lived her life; with honesty, dignity and love, surrounded by those who loved her for the unique character that was her gift.

Thank you, our darling girl for all the gifts you gave to us: for teaching us unconditional love, for ourselves as well as to those who hold us dear; for forgiveness for unimportant stuff; for waking up every morning with a waggy tail and a zest for life; for having you in our lives.

I may have been your owner, but you own my heart. Shine like the star you always were my Holly Heaven…see you in a little while my little love… Momma