Snow Moon...

Welcome to the "Snow Moon" of February; not only a full moon but a luner eclipse. At this auspicious time, the shadow of the earth falls across the face of the Moon bringing unconscious feelings to the surface, grounding them in reality.

At eclipses we can literally see our own shadow... emotionally and creatively we are growing in faith that it's okay to show who we truly are...

It is a time to find our inner strength, to embrace our inner lion and stand proud for hat you believe in.

It can be quite daunting to step in to the spotlight - but this eclipse is giving you a golden ticket to the greatest show on Earth - Life!

Tie to shrug off the grey cloak of fear and be a wonderful brightly coloured version of 'you' - shine brightly and love magnificently. Giving the best of yourself is a wonderful is a wonderful gift to the world.

"Love takes off the masks we fear we cannot live without, and yet know we cannot truly live within...."

Om Shanti