Happy Earth Day!

Today sees the April Full Moon, also known as the sprouting grass moon, coinciding with Happy Earth Day!

Whatever the weather, go outside and enjoy “Mother Earth” – breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the vibrant green all around you and enjoy the healing companionship with nature.

How can we make a difference to help Mother Earth? Maybe by stepping up our recycling, picking up litter or planting a tree… Change starts with each of us… Do something big. Change something small. The important thing is not to take the world we live in for granted. Be appreciative, be grateful for all that nature gives us – the very air that we breathe.

This full moon brings light to all the shadows that lie beneath the surface – the very things we have been avoiding come to light right now. Try to steer clear of “power dynamics” with others - Instead dig deep and get to the root of patterns that are playing out. Meditate on your emotional truth. How do you need to change your emotional landscape for your true health? Nurture it every day.

True confidence emerges when there is nothing to fear within or without…

Happy Earth Day greetings and full moon blessings…