Moonlit Inspiration

With this full moon not only does anything go… But anything and everything is possible. The February full moon reminds us to embrace the perfection in imperfection –

“Widen the lens, recognize that there’s a bigger picture. Remember to go with the flow and allow for fallibility or weakness without feeling like it’s all falling apart.” Leah Whitehorse

This moon brings illumination and heralds a sweet surrender to what is… It shines a spotlight on the events of the past five months, helping us to understand their complex tapestry woven through our lives in ways that may have been hidden up to now.

What happens outside and around us also occurs within and through us. We happen to life, rather than the other way around and we create the world as we go.

We may feel great resistance to the message of this moon, for it is to take responsibility for our lives and acknowledge the creative power we bring to every breath and each event.

It is also a comforting moon, urging us to open our hearts to the cooling rain and the warming sun, to embrace the subtle movement of the seasons, who in following their own nature remind us how to follow ours.

This beautiful moon reminds us that in essence we are all simply a force of nature – just like the tides and the winds.

These are challenging times and we must find new and innovative ways to navigate the sometimes choppy waters, but they are also times of rebirth and renewal – Open the door to a new vista, a new chapter, a different moonlit path.