The fiery flames of Autumn...

All around us as we step into the true Autumnal season heralded with the first of October, are the fiery reds, the burnt coppers and the glowing embers of chestnut as the cleansing begins… Unlike Spring cleansing which is symbolised by light and air, Autumnal cleansing is fire and brimstone. It is a time to face our inner demons, to find the courage to burn away ignorance, false personal identities and preconceived ideas.

It is when we reach outside the conventional we become bold and fierce. This means standing up for yourself; confronting the demons that have hidden behind social masks – in others as well as yourself.

Freedom comes not just by going with the flow, but knowing when to vocalise NO - fighting for what is right and engaging with the fierce forms of grace.

We walk over burning coals, step into the ring of fire, set our world aflame and phoenix rises from the ashes… As the fire calms, the embers glow in their warmth and a steady light shines evoking truth and liberation. Every one of us, at some point will be brought face to face with the need to discover and integrate this energy. It brings consciousness to the unconsciously angry parts of ourselves and allows them to be purified and transformed. This is not a time to be polite or hide behind social niceties – the flames lick at our feet and we need to own our shadows.

Meditate on dancing round a woodland fire – wild, liberated and free. A natural assertiveness, authenticity and decisiveness then begins to shine like the facets on a diamond.

We learn how to manage conflict, find a new clarity and the ability to continually transform and re-energize.

We break the bonds of rigidity, stretch our emotional range, our minds and our lives in delicious and liberating ways.

In becoming a warrior we become our own true liberator. The truth which is uniquely yours is revealed by the purifying of energy. As well as emphasising serenity Yoga also encourages our strength and passion – channelling our ‘wild side’ – Be free, be YOU…

If we learn to open our hearts, anyone – including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher…