10 to Zen (Vol. 2)...

Happy New Year to all you Yogis!

As we stand upon the threshold of a new year, this is the ideal time to reassess, reaffirm and rejoice!

Here are some pointers for the year ahead:

  1. Go with the flow: ride the wave of life and see where it takes you.
  2. Repetition can be good: there is comfort in familiarity. Practice makes permanent! To do something well, commit to repetition and practise.
  3. Balance and focus are necessary to move forward successfully in life.
  4. Nothing is forever, so focus on the Now – this too shall pass!
  5. You are important, so take the time to nurture your body and soul.
  6. You always have choices – implement them!
  7. There is comfort in community – we are all in this together - One Tribe!
  8. Be the architect of your own practice – You are the CEO of your own life, so speak up for yourself.
  9. Don’t take yourself too seriously! Learn to laugh at yourself!
  10. Failure is good – it teaches us so much. Embrace all that you are…

Om Shanti