10 to Zen...

  1. There are no rules; as in no set of rules to apply to everybody. We are all trying to figure out what works for us as an individual – so stop trying to bend others to your rules and instead focus on honing your personal guide.
  2. Living your purpose – your “Dharma.” In order to feel truly fulfilled we need to connect with our purpose. Determining our personal guide helps us to employ a discipline to move us towards realizing what that purpose is. We are all born with a particular set of gifts that one must employ to activate our purpose, which brings us in true harmony with life.
  3. It is all about you… Your challenge in life is to make moves from your position. Compassion stems from this understanding – cultivate acceptance rather than judgement. What is inside you is what you have to work with and you must always listen to yourself before anything or anyone else.
  4. Relationships are how we see ourselves… Interaction is enjoyable; yet the true value in our relationships exists in the mirror it provides for each of us. Each and every relationship will endow us with valuable lessons.
  5. Our judgements show us what we don’t see in ourselves… Take ownership of our judgements and let them go.
  6. Every experience counts…. The everyday “stuff” is just as important as the dedicated learning time. Find the joy in everything you do.
  7. Fear is okay… This is specifically true about the fears that feel as though they born within us. These fears are relevant and must be explored if we are going to do anything of substantial value in our life. It is time to relate to our fears, to challenge and overcome them, to move on with our lives.
  8. Most everything that is in the way is because you say so… Our excuses are our way of saying we are not willing to employ our full creative self to accomplish our intention.
  9. Try to understand your enemies first and then appreciate “oneness…” Try to look at all the things in life that you regard as irritants and injustice, understand the life lessons and then through activating compassion move to oneness.
  10. Love really is the answer… Love is pure openness; to the perfection of the moment, to our families, loved ones, friends, co-workers but also to the world – to everything and everyone we encounter. This is the key to our true essence in existence.