Breathing through difficult times...

When life throws things at you, what do you do? Do you relax into the drama or resist and make things worse...?

Yoga teaches us that anything is possible. Every asana within each day is different and as you let go of the struggle and find repose within the pose, you let go of the fight and find new breakthroughs. Sometimes we just need to take a leap of faith, one more deep breath and release what we cannot control.

We ask ourselves "what is possible now...?" We breathe our way back to ourselves. There is no better feeling than that of coming home to the self that we truly are. Once we are there, yoga begins fresh again...

Today there is no practice.

No doing of practice.

No moving, no breathing,

And no doing of moving and breathing.

No distinctions or duality.

Just breath moving through me.

No struggle, no me...

Only this one gift of breath

Taking flight.

The beauty of life is to experience yourself.