It's okay to not be okay...

When life throws an unexpected curve ball at you – which will frequently happen – we don’t need to cover up the dark side of ourselves or the ugly emotions that surface. You alos don’t have to feel hopeless and alone – certain aspects of your life can fall apart, but you are still “you” – the person you were yesterday and will be tomorrow.

Healing is a natural process: hold on to who you are, what you stand for rather than clinging to outward symbols of security that may come and go. Don’t lose sight of the things in life that are worth living for, and for which we are truly grateful.

“Yoga doesn’t take your problems away – but it does change your perspective on suffering…”

1. Routines: Healthy routines are a good way of providing yourself with a sense of security and forward movement, whilst still grounding you in familiarity.

2. Commitment to practice: Your yoga is especially important to you when times get tough – it will release the tension from your mind and body, remind you of your inner strength and gently lead you to a deeper connection to your relaxed and contented self.

“Yoga is the force that keeps you moving through pain and towards wholeness…”

3. Nature: Being in nature is the best medicine for when you feel lost and disconnected. It helps you see the world as bigger than your personal problems; it connects us to a higher plain and gives us a breath of fresh air in the midst of chaos.

When your life feels like it is spiralling out of control, your soul needs even more breaks from the hustle and stresses of daily life – spend time nourishing yourself with self-care.

4. Time: Being “okay” takes time and consistency of self-care. Accept that it is possible to feel simultaneously lost and found – to feel sad whilst still feeling content with yourself and clear of your own intentions.

The key is to stay firm in your practice and to believe in moving forward.

Om Shanti

“The Soul has been given its own ears to hear things the mind does not understand…” Rumi