Letting go...

Letting Go!

Sometimes not so easy…. So start with gently loosening your grip.

The accumulation of physical “stuff” can reflect stuck emotions that have nowhere to go and stagnate…

Emotions begin in the body… We face them by sitting quietly, breathing, feeling them.

We then change them, firstly through awareness and then adapting our subconscious patterns to open up to different ways of being in the world.

In Yoga we coax tight muscles to soften through steady awareness, breath and movement; we strengthen weaker, underused muscles so that we can protect the vulnerable parts of our bodies.

Rumi wrote “The wound is the place where the light enters you” – to release, the key is learning to accept the thing that is holding you back and then slowly begin to loosen your grip on it.

This is the process of “letting go….!”

Fearlessly accept the reality; then fearlessly set about transforming what needs to change…