Just for a moment... Let's be still

Just for a moment... Let's be still.

As we welcome in the month of June with the dawning realisation that we are half way through our year already, let us take inspiration from the graceful serenity of the heron.

The heron symbolises stillness and tranquility and how these two things are needed to recognise opportunities. The heron also teaches us that everything comes to us at the right time...

Like an alchemist, he weaves the power of focus with the patience necessary to see the desired results come to pass.

We can all practice these qualities of serenity, focus and finding calm healing waters through our yoga - in our homes, our gardens, our lives and most importantly, in our hearts.

Om Shanti


Thank You...

A big Thank You to all of our yogis for your amazingly continued suport for both us and The Donkey Sanctuary... Your heartfelt contribution of energy, time and money made Donkey Day 2019 an amazing celebration of 50 years of The Donkey Sanctuary...



Open Up To Spring...

Cherry Blossoms remind us to pay attention - to life - to fleeting moments of loveliness, to endless possibilities of renewal and optimism with the beginning of spring.

When the Cherry Blossoms come to full bloom, so do we... We are all one...

Open up to the energy of Spring - join us for:
OM FYT - Fitness Yoga Training
Mondays 6pm-7pm Community Centre @ Christ Church.

Please visit www.yogawithyasmin.com for full details.

Taking a Snow Day...

Taking a Snow Day...

With so much to do in our daily lives, it can be difficult to find the time to simply breathe, think and explore our inner landscapes.

Your Snow Day can go a long way towards dispelling built up stress - it's not a day to worry about what you are missing or what is still lingering on your "To Do" list. It is a day to give yourself a break from your responsibilities - it is a day to indulge and nurture yourself.

Everybody deserves a snow day now and then...


HIIT It Every Time...

"HIIT It Every time..." Why not try Yoga meets HIIT in Strength with Flow...

Yoga with Yasmin presents Strength with Flow - a dynamic Vinyasa Yoga/HIIT fusion, giving you the chance to challenge the body whilst also increasing overall muscle tone and stamina. Most importantly the class is fun!

Start your week with a strong intention!...
Every Monday 6pm-7pm
Community Centre @ Christ Church

Contact us to book your space!

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As a thank you to our class members - Introduce a Friend who buys a Yoga Course* and get a FREE CLASS** for another session on the Timetable.
*Exclusions Apply
**Subject to Class Availability...
Valid to 28th February 2019
Community Centre @ Christ Church

To book your place and for more information please contact: yasminfattori@outlook.com or djsamuel@outlook.com


Twilight of 2018...

"Twilight drops her curtain down and pins it with a star..."
Lucy Maud Montgomery

As we celebrate New Year's Eve - the twilight of 2018 - lets take a few moments to honour our journey, all that we have achieved and shared during the past twelve months.


Thank you Yogis for sharing your time with us as we reflect on what has been and look to the future for what comes next...



Unlock your potential...

Unlock your full potential... Yoga is for everybody, no matter what size, shape, age or experience level. Yoga with Yasmin has a class for everyone, so why not begin an empowering journey of self discovery and self-love.

Cultivate body awareness & mindfulness whilst getting stronger and more flexible... Yoga with Yasmin launching NEW Back to Basics - Beginners classes commencing January 7th 2019.

Mondays 11am-12pm & 6pm - 7pm Community Centre @ Christ Church

Why not explore the other classes on our timetable? Why not bring a friend?

Contact us to book your place and we'll see you on the Yoga Mat!

Yasmin & David